5 Best Cookbooks of 2015

61o97hRaK8L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Tartine Bread (Chad Robertson – $40) – A bread-lovers dream, this cookbook is solely for those interested in the highest form of bread making (i.e. nursing a starter everywhere you go). Must-Try: Country Bread


Momofuku Milk Bar (Christina Tosi — $35) The sweet side to David Chang’s empire is just that: very sweet. Pastry chef Christina Tosi brings a sort of outside-the-box inventiveness not often associated with basic desserts. Must-Try: Crack Pie, Compost Cookies


The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook (Danny Bowien and Chris Ying – $35) – What sets Danny Bowien’s new book apart from the many other chef-driven cookbooks is not the recipes. Yes, the glorious shots of dishes like Mapo Tofu and Kung-Pao Pastrami are glorious. And yes, the pantry section in the back of the book will have you gearing up to head out to your local Asian market. But it’s the candid storytelling that weaves between the recipes to tell the story of Danny, from his childhood in Oklahoma to celebrity-chef status in New York. Must-Try: Mapo Tofu, Hand-Pulled Noodles

Tacos: Recipes and Provocations (Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothmans – $32.50) – This encyclopedic book of tacos brings tortillas onto the level of pasta. No longer are tacos something to be wolfed down without much thought; with fillings ranging from blood sausage and fava bean mayo to inverted al pastor, Alex Stupak takes tacos to a level you never dreamed of. Must-Try: Al-Pastor Tacos, Corn Tortillas


Roberta’s (Carlo Mirarchi, Brandon Hoy, Chris Parching, Katherine Wheelock – $35) – The Brooklyn restaurant turned Bushwhack into the “it” neighborhood with the place everyone wanted to go to. Fast-forward a few years and they also have a 12-seat tasting counter as well as an outpost in a Midtown food court. With the cookbook, you can make their pizzas, pastas, meats, and vegetables at home. Must-Try: Speckenwolf Pizza

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