7 People, 6 Courses, 3 Chefs: Tasting, Pop-Up Dinner

A few months ago, a friend, Chez Pascal bartender Deb Hickey, knowing that I loved to cook, suggested I prepare a meal for some friends with perhaps a few courses (for experience, excitement, and risk) and a suggested donation to cover the cost. Instantly enamored by the possibility of cooking a high-stakes, all-out meal, I immediately began hashing out the menu and test-running dishes. This past Sunday, the idea came to fruition, thanks to my brother as pastry chef and a former chef (Nate Kelly) overseeing it all.

The meal, titled “Tasting”, sprung from my personal love of cooking. Looking for a way to share my passion, the opportunity to cook a multi-course meal fit the bill. Cooking the volume of courses for the volume of people proved challenging, while still hugely rewarding. One highlight of the meal was the drink; wines were thoughtfully paired with each course by Deb and provided by local Campus Fine Wines. Keegan Bonds-Harmon, a local young artist, provided the menu’s stunning artwork. The delivery of the meal involved lots of hard work, including devoting the entire weekend to the final 3 hour dinner. But, based on the overwhelming positive feedback as well as the pleasure we received from the meal’s creation, we’re hoping to do it again in the near future… For now, a view behind the scenes of what was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner. Click here for the evening’s menu, including wine pairings.

Photo credit: Deb Hickey. Thank you to Deb for documenting the evening. You can see all of the photos from the big night here:
bSNMhOsiDAZr3wNKKu2Be0WH7dH2JjqC_UOpHlEBD9cKeegan’s stunning menu artwork.

osYhceEjUzpzbHUogsdDIWOAkM1sixF2LLcGe_bZvzQ Deb’s wine selection.

AJdhR7NchxfZAejLFvtNQvy6QfQ1tNTZfact3M9wH5EA layered vegetable terrine.

NWvJohSmH43oMLlm8BuA8djA1mLapZImT_vpan4kQncThe first course, plated at the pass.

aBulr3u5e3QD1Ly0BKJeD2Q0YqfD0PGLKqp5sY-slBg-1Seafood salad is garnished with chickpeas and chives.

rYvLFWI2sxdqzhmr27gqh0nb-3nkpICdBYcXHvSEYYYRich, brown-butter roasted carrots are glazed with butter and plated with crispy sage leaves, carrot pureé, and a sage pesto.

7n-Zxt7Wzt6_O2tLPCQLmv40y-ypgTriXC-ifgv8FpMDuck breast is carved.

nBnHdiB0NL500RmXhJDuVv0EzQv5zo0gh6_k7jY04ok-1The finished duck plate.

Iq4v3xm1psPgrkLRdV3g1eaV9eqa5XkGk4Lcinds4S0Pork tenderloin sitting in a beefy-cider sauce.

tEbVfxcVuLZrbdl__r4P730kSbzeCekrEvh77TXB37YPastry chef Dylan Itkin scoops cake batter into molds for the final course.

xJXWwmCzIp1DAgZZKyxZP9IGRJ0IXJ5AtgKMy3yEQWAChefs at work.

3 thoughts on “7 People, 6 Courses, 3 Chefs: Tasting, Pop-Up Dinner”

  1. Spectacular! If the food tasted as good as it looks, then I give it five stars. Can we count on a pop-up feast in Maine?

  2. Spectacular! If the food tasted as good as it looks, then I give it five stars. Can we count on a pop-up feast in Maine?

  3. This is awesome! So much work was involved – I can tell! The plating looks very sophisticated.

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