A Snack at DENDEN Cafe Asiana

After a bike ride around Providence, I was hungry. I’d been wanting to go to the newly opened DENDEN Cafe Asiana for a while and now seemed the perfect time to given it a little test. After some consideration of the menu, my dad and I settled on the Gyoza Dumplings. Although they usually panfry them, they accomodated our request for them to be steamed. They were soft on both the inside and out without much of a dominant vegetable flavor. The main source of flavor comes from the accompanying dipping sauce which was slightly sweet, slightly spicy.


We also had the Yakatori: chicken and vegetables, skewered and grilled. They were coated in a sweet marinade that tasted like BBQ done Asian style. They were quite small for about $6, but hey, they were good!

IMG_6758-webI would definitely come back for a dinner. Ramen? Bento? Tonkatsu? Count me in.


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