At EatDrink RI, Brunch Is A Feast

This past Sunday morning, the Eat Drink RI festival, an annual gathering of local foodies in the downtown area organized by David Dadekian, came to a close with a behemoth of a meal located in the Biltmore Ballroom. A smattering of local chefs, both culinary and pastry, offered wonderfully delicious dishes showcasing the best Providence has to offer. The sheer range, featuring everything from sinfully decadent french toast (Julians) to perfectly tender strips of chicken swimming in a spicy bath of green salsa (El Rancho Grande). Below, a few highlights from the brunch.


The aforementioned french toast, from Julian’s, made from raspberry babka and set afloat in a pool of mint chocolate sauce.

IMG_9706Gracie’s downtown patisserie, Ellie’s Bakery, was at the event with treats such as the Pain Au Chocolat and a scone with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and feta.

IMG_9696The fantastic north bakery was giving out Dark Chocolate cookies (pictured), as well as their latest menu addition: a sweet-savory Brown-Butter Miso cookie studded with bits of caramelized white chocolate.

IMG_9693Simone’s take on chicken salad: mesmerizingly light pieces of chicken tossed with creme fraîche and iceberg nestled atop a focaccia crostini.

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