Brunch Done Right

For their fun, nostalgia, and familiar food, diners are a classic way to start a weekend morning. But for a truly delicious breakfast, a leap above greasy fried eggs and undercooked pancakes, head to the West Side of town. There you’ll find Julian’s, a hip restaurant with something for everyone. You’ll also find Nick’s on Broadway, which I’d never been to until a few weeks ago. Julian’s has a great atmosphere and delicious food, plus is a great place for families. (Check out the bathroom!) While less obviously family friendly, a brunch at Nick’s was a nice treat on the last day of spring vacation. I had a perfectly crispy frittata with mushrooms, feta and onions along with some pesto-grilled focaccia, a nice departure from white, wheat, or rye. My mom’s order was quite unique: black beans stewed in a hearty broth with avocado-cilantro creme and pico de gallo along with perfectly charred tortilla. My brother’s poached eggs over polenta were perfectly cooked and complimented by what seemed like beet juice. To top it off, homefries were given a nice twist with the addition of sweet potatoes and onions, as well as standard white potatoes.

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Out of all of the meals of the day, breakfast seems like the one least likely to beckon eating out. At lunch and, especially, dinner, a nice time spent at a restaurant is enjoyable. But to roll out of bed early on a weekend morning to spend money on breakfast may not seem worth it. At Nick’s however, it is.

Nick’s on Broadway:

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