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Birch Up for Best New Restaurant 2014

Bon Appetit, the popular food magazine, announced it’s 50 nominees for it’s annual list of the Best New Restaurants. Among the nominees were Spotted Pig chef April Bloomfield’s new Tosca, Momofuku alum Peter Serpico’s Serpico, an eight-dish food truck in Austin: Thai Kun, Sushi Nakawaza that boasts a 20 course omasake meal, and…birch, chef Ben Sukle’s beyond-intimate, 18 seat bar that acts as a restaurant with a four course tasting menu. Sukle’s knack for inventive dishes such as “Lightly Smoked Bigeye Tuna with Barbecued Leek, Coriander, and Roasted Tomato Dressing” or “Blueberries with Sweet Corn, Walnuts, and Marshmallow” could very well be why he landed a spot on the list. It could also very well be the “the-sea-caper-topped Raw Rhode Island beef” which Bon Appetit recommends trying. Sukle was the head chef at The Dorrance which made the list last two years ago, so BA may have had him on their radar.


For whatever reason this incredibly small restaurant made the list, it did and how far it will rank against the other restaurants will be determined in five days, on the 19th. How this press will fare for Sukle is yet to be seen, but I’m sure birch’s business will get a boost.

For an in-depth interview with Sukle head to Eater.