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The wonderful restaurant, north, has a new addition just around the corner at 70 Battey Street. With the feel of Momofuku Milk Bar and passionate, delicious food that rivals Providence’s own longstanding favorite  Seven Stars Bakery, north bakery is a new kind of bakery. With no seats, no loaves of bread, but plenty of creative treats this is one heck of a bakery.

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I had one of the two hand-pies, a very original dish: a piece of crisp dough baked with  a large pocket of delicious savory ingredients inside. There was a Dan Dan hand-pie, a twist on the noodle dish I loved at the restaurant, but I went for the Potato Gratin hand-pie with thyme and swiss (both unfortunately unidentifiable) and caramelized onions which added a very nice, light sweetness to the heavy potato. Samosa meets creative new idea turned out to be delicious and for $5 and the reasonable size, it could serve as lunch or even breakfast. I also tried one of the scone options, this one with basil, pine nut, and parmesan. It sounds like a strange combination, but man was it delicious. All three ingredients shone together, all with a subtlety not often found in the usually over-sweetened world of pastries. It was crisp on the edges, but pleasantly soft and doughy in the center.

If I had just tasted the hand-pie and scone, I would have been happy. But the chocolate chip cookie was what really blew my experience onto another level. It wasn’t listed in the description, but it was gently seasoned with what appeared to be Maldon salt (the highest quality sea salt) which complimented the delicious cookie that melted in your mouth (the chocolate chips were literally melting in the heat). The chocolate chip cookie is perhaps the most simple, straightforward of pastries. They’re taken for granted because a cookie can’t be more than a cookie, right? Wrong. And north bakery proves it with their delicious cookie and amazing bakery.

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  1. Your description is so complete I could almost taste all those wonderful “treats” you were able to sample . yum

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