Fresh Summer Salad

An incredibly simple, seasonal salad is really all you need after a scorching hot summer day and this salad is so simple, yet so tasty it’s sure to please everyone. The most important rule to remember when using few ingredients is that they are as fresh as you can find, but the rest really couldn’t be more straightforward.

Summer Corn Salad

Directions: Slice some heirloom tomatoes, put some cooked corn on top and finish with arugula.

If that’s too simple, you can turn it up a few notches as I did. I cooked the corn with butter on very high heat in a pan for 5-10 minutes. I added some grilled San Marzano tomatoes for a contrast to the heirlooms, texture and temperature-wise. I also drizzled the arugula with a few dribbles of good-quality olive oil, for a little heftiness. The flavors are on their own so strong, that there’s not really anything more you have to do.

Although the summer is winding down, the farmers markets are still booming with fresh vegetables and this salad does them justice without being too simple, too complex, or just plain not tasty.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Summer Salad”

  1. I love the tomato corn salad, I add a little sweet chopped onion in the last few minutes of roasting the corn. You can also switch out the arugula for basil. Aren’t we lucky to have fresh local produce at the farmer’s markets? I’m happy to see that even the big chain supermarkets are buying local produce.

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