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IMG_0110Last night, I had the pleasure of enjoying (my birthday present) a special one-night only meal at north. Michel Bates, chef of Momofuku Shōtō the widely lauded Toronto tasting counter, came down to Providence to collaborate on a special meal with his old co-worker, James Mark. The meal was structured as a five course tasting, with two choices for each course. Since I was there with my brother, we were able to conquer the whole menu by dividing up all ten dishes between the two of us.  From high-quality albacore served raw to charred peppers and maitake mushrooms in a hearty broth, all of the dishes were very unique, each imbued with a clearly evident sense of north’s signature style as well as some Shōtō techniques. Being seated with complete strangers only added to the fun of the evening and it was exciting to chat with other chefs, culinary students, and foodies while we waited for the food. A truly unique experience all around. Aesthetically plated, thoughtfully conceived, and perfectly executed, it was certainly a meal to remember.

Below, you can view photos of the delicious meal.


Raw Albacore smoked tomato, sesame, mutsu apple, fennel


Littlenecks and Middlenecks burnt cucumbers, seaweeds, and cantaloupe


Charred Peppers pickled mussels, holy basil, cilantro, maitake mushroom


Chewy Beets plums, smoked lamb, juniper oil


Roasted Broccoli toasted hazelnuts, rosemary oil, pickled chanterelles


Corn Ravioli roma tomato, cojita cheese, lime  roma tomato, cojita cheese, lime


Scup quebec saffron, summer beans, dried shellfish


Gnome Cabbage celery root sauce, chicken livers, burnt pears


Goat Cherve Soufflé golden beets, black walnut


Cider Donuts chinese five spice, cider sorbet

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