RI Mushroom Co.

A small stand selling just four (but four very good) types of mushrooms can be found weekly at the Hope St Farmers Market. Started January last year, the RI Mushroom Co has some delicious ‘shrooms. So, when I had the chance to cook up a few very special varieties…I was physced. And what better day to do it then a rainy Saturday? With some butter sizzling and some garlic browning, I threw in the mushrooms and was amazed at the outcome.

IMG_4025I cooked four different types of mushrooms, from lobster to lion’s mane. The flavors ranged from earthy to tangy and sweet to furry and crispy to a cross between oyster and button. All in all, these mushrooms were miles ahead of any other I have ever had. I seasoned them with nothing but some good butter and garlic cloves and yet their flavor was intensely present. I’ll continue to buy the oyster mushrooms and maitakes from the Co. at the market, but these mushrooms were certainly a treat.



IMG_4027 IMG_4009 IMG_3999IMG_3981

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