Toronto’s Dining Scene

Gearing up for a trip to Toronto, these are the restaurants I’d like to visit the most. From David Chang’s four-story complex to hipster Mexican fare, Toronto is emerging as a culinary capital. What better time to delve in?

momofuku-daishoMomofuku Daisho Large format feasts as well as other creative, seasonal fare makes up one fourth of the Momofuku complex.

Queen Mother Thai food in cozy setting, known for their Ping Gai (marinated chicken grilled to a succulent crisp).

Valdez Latin street food in a hipsetting.

-3Fat Pasha Middle Eastern fare with a modern twist.

Cafe Isabel
Bar Isabel Snacks inflected with Spanish tapa influences.

20141114-dandylion590-09Dandylion Nine seasonal menu items with a “vegetable centric” focus.

dailo-toronto-restaurant-20-introDaiLo New Asian cuisine, along with Dim Sum.

Grand Electric Wildly popular spot for tacos.

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